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Premium Production Offering To Create Professional Content

Ticker’s state of the art studio facility produces fully customised content specific for brands and organisations seeking to push a particular message or LIVE-streamed event.

We work with you to develop clear briefs and our team look after the rest – Agency or direct clients.

From producing content from start to finish, to simply renting the studio space, Ticker can adjust to any request.

Our unique offering includes production, filming, editing, talent sourcing and post – We can also provide Ticker’s world-class presenters.

Our flagship production Studio can be configured to have an L-shaped desk, or talent can stand or use stools. All technology is wireless for microphones and earpieces.

Featuring broadcast HD cameras with Autoscript teleprompters, our production studio also has an automatic Jib crane for wide shots and a fully customisable LED light structure, so we can change colours to match the production feel.

Ticker’s production studio features a massive LED screen and LED tower with the latest HD pixel the technology, giving it the finest number of pixels in any news set in Australia.

James Manning, Mediaweek Australia

The studio features a large High Definition LED wall, as well as a fully automated studio control system for ease of use.

We can produce live events such as corporate webcasts and streamed client events, with the output delivered to your own website or preferred social platform.

We’ve worked with some of Australia’s leading brands and institutions – From live events to fully customised corporate content.

Our global headquarters, dubbed ‘Ticker Park’ in Melbourne is the top level suite of the former General Motors Holden headquarters. It features a large greenroom, reception lounge, world class High Definition TV studios for news and content production.

Other key features:

  • Dressing / hair & make-up room with shower and clothes rack
  • Greenroom lounge for guests to gather
  • Access to meeting rooms
  • Complimentary Wifi & Apple TV
  • Control room with viewing area
  • Kitchen with ZipTap, fridge, microwave, snacks, tea and coffee