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Every service offered by Ticker is personalised to meet your brand needs and driven by the audience insight our global platform affords us. We pride ourselves on creating amazing content and are experts in video production.

From content creation and campaign development, to distribution – Ticker is your gateway to brand growth.

ticker NEWS Brand Integration

A turnkey solution for extending your brand message to affluent professionals.

From high frequency branding and credits across Ticker News programming to exclusive segment partnership opportunities, brands can directly integrate messaging into Ticker News content in a way that is authentic and additive, across multiple platforms.


Branded content solutions created by our dedicated in-house content experts, giving you access to audiences across multiple platforms.

Ticker Original Shows are designed from the ground up, exploring trending topics which are aligned with a brand’s ongoing communications strategy.


Ticker’s state of the art studio facility produces fully customised content for brands and organisations seeking to push a particular message or webinar.


Creating highly-produced content segments which showcase specific themes relevant to brands, recorded on location, utilising professional production cameras and lighting equipment.

Segments are played out during Ticker NEWS ad breaks on a schedule basis at the client’s discretion, to a targeted audience of engaged consumers.

Professional content production with a multi-platform media plan to fit the client’s best possible audience, including linear TV, on demand and a sponsored article on the Ticker NEWS webpage.


“At VentureCrowd, we’re always looking for new ways to engage with our community of investors, and our partnership with Ticker has been integral to this engagement. The Ticker Original show we sponsor (Ticker Invest) consistently produces engaging video content. We thoroughly enjoy working with the team.“

Steven Maarbani, CEO, VentureCrowd

“Working with the Ticker team has been such a great experience for Polaron. Over the past 12 months or so we have developed some great content together that has helped us elevate our marketing efforts to a new level.”

Eva Hussain JP, Executive Director, Polaron

Delivering a targeted audience across multiple touch points, proven with data intelligence and strategy solutions.

Measuring success is paramount, therefore we look beyond standard reach and drill down into the details, demonstrating the amount of eyeballs directly watching Ticker content. This proves the effectiveness of our advertising solutions via world-first independent measurement tools, plus our valued distribution partners.

We work with brands to understand exactly what they want to achieve and who they want to reach; the message they want to communicate; and how they want people to consume and interact.

Our in-house creative team then creates bespoke, engaging content specifically for your target market and amplifies to them.

Want to target engaged audiences, license content or create authority around your brand?