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Journalism at our core

Ticker NEWS is Australia's first and original streaming news network.

News is always at our heart, and Ticker is a business with a heart.



Constantly evolving media brand


As people lose faith in legacy brands, Ticker is a new generation


We care about the world around us

About Ahron Young

Ahron Young has reported from some of the major stories of our time.

From the Asian Tsunami in 2004, to the London Bombings.

Ahron began his career in newspapers before moving into radio news and then eventually TV.

Having spent 13 years as the Melbourne Bureau Chief for Sky News, Ahron was also a founding anchor of RT in Moscow in 2005 and journalist for the Sky News Business Channel in 2008.

But as content shifts online, Ahron noticed a space for a great streaming news service – and thus Ticker was born.


  • 2019 - July


    Ahron Young sets up Ticker as a business.

  • 2019 - August 19

    Launch Day

    Ticker News first broadcast, with a 20 minute bulletin hosted by Ahron Young in Melbourne CBD.

  • 2019 - September

    New shows

    New programs fill out the day, with a focus on business lifestyle shows like She's The Boss, 30 Life Crisis and Online Offline.

  • 2019 - October

    A new network

    Ticker flicks the switch to create a 24 hour streaming network

  • 2020 - January

    Coronavirus Coverage

    Ticker becomes one of the first news networks to report on the emerging virus in Wuhan.

  • 2019 - February

    A new COO

    Jed Bertalli joins Ticker as Chief Operating Officer and Head of Partnerships.

  • 2020 - March

    Ticker Grows

    Ticker moves to a new 450sqm facility in Richmond, in Melbourne's inner east. Just as Melbourne goes into lockdown.

  • 2020 - April

    New extends

    Ticker launches new programs across the day, and commenced broadcasting live 15 hours a day.

  • 2021 - January

    Ticker News

    Ticker rebrands as Ticker News to cement our position as a world news network.

  • 2020 - February

    Ticker Originals

    Ticker creates a new Originals division, creating programs on specific topics.

  • 2020 - March

    Singapore launches

    Ticker creates first international operation, in Singapore.

  • 2021 - June

    Ticker Moves Again

    As the operation expands, a new HQ is necessary. Growing up and moving into the former Holden building in Port Melbourne.

  • 2021 - August

    New studio

    Ticker launches a brand new studio 1, designed by legendary TV designer Mal Nichols.

  • 2021 - September

    Hello London and New York!

    With the focus on world news, Ticker establishes bureaus in London and New York.

  • 2021 - October

    Reuters Partnership

    Reuters and Ticker commence a world news partnership.

  • 2021 - November

    Ticker Lands In India

    Ticker begins broadcasting to 79,000,000 people in India on Zee5