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Your Ticker Insight interview is a great way to get your message across.

Companies who appear on Ticker can leverage and amplify their on-air interviews across digital communications platforms – website, intranet, social media, email/e-newsletter and more! This ensures that your clip clears Ticker’s copyright requirements and quality standards for display and distribution, with Ticker also having a range of special content packages to promote the interview across Ticker’s expansive distribution networks.

“As seen on Ticker” content generates up to 48% more conversions on your website and social media.

If you want to influence opinion, there are few things more persuasive than a timely, well-informed, professionally-made, television interview.

Interested in learning more about how you can share your recent Ticker Insight on-air interview with your customers, employees, investors, or other important people? Select one of the packages below.

  • Full copy of interview (mp4 format) same day.
  • Video license rights so you can upload to your own social and web platforms.


  • Full interview replayed on high frequency across Ticker’s LIVE channel (global, broadcasted on TV Streaming Platforms, Apps and Websites)
  • Full copy of interview video with video license rights provided same day.
  • Interview posted on Ticker’s LinkedIn page with Ads Boost to your custom target demographic.
  • Call To Action “Learn More” link sends audience directly your website.


  • Your company logo & tailored attention-grabbing graphic displayed for entire duration of interview.
  • Interview converted into podcast, uploaded to Ticker’s podcast channel across Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts.
  • Full copy (MP4 file) of the interview with video license rights provided same day.
  • Featured on Ticker’s flagship ‘Weekly Dose’ EDM, with 38,000+ subscribers.
  • Special long-form written article by Ticker Producer featured on main Ticker Insight section, alongside full interview indefinitely.
  • Replayed on Ticker’s linear channel in special primetime slots (Friday-Sunday), which is also streaming into over 7,600 hotels and corporate offices globally.
  • Interview posted on Ticker’s LinkedIn pages with Ads Boost to your custom target demographic.
  • Call To Action “Learn More” link sends audience directly your website.

If there’s another way we can help you with content, please drop us a line.

*Pricing listed excludes local taxes (10%)

Media content created by Ticker is the intellectual property of The Ticker Company.  Ticker content cannot be displayed without an official Ticker content license.  It may not be displayed under ‘fair use’ rules.  Content intended for internal or external display cannot be sourced from third-parties, such as media monitoring agencies or news clipping services.