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What TICKER NEWS always tries to achieve is to focus on what people are talking about and really tap into the conversations that people are having.

TICKER is very audience driven, whether it’s on our LIVE tv stream or on-demand. The TICKER newsroom is focused on audience data and what are people clicking on – what people are engaging with today and we focus on how to create more content so we are providing what they are after.

TICKER NEWS provides a live stream of breaking news, business and tech – for the change-makers, the innovators – news for the new generation.

We know our viewers and readers want to get straight to the point of today’s major stories. TICKER NEWS provides the latest news around the clock. We talk about the issues that people are thinking about, and cover the events that matter.

TICKER NEWS brings a unique perspective, from politics to pop culture. We aim to engage and provide a fresh perspective rarely seen in the established media organisations.

TICKER NEWS streams a linear news channel 24/7 and on-demand content that is available on a plethora of platforms around the globe, reaching over 100 million people each month.

TICKER NEWS INSIGHT showcases the important topics of our lives. From finance to the environment, crypto to gaming. We are the only place where brands can get meaningful access to younger minds of affluent professionals.

Ticker was created to bring critical, contextual news stories to reach the highest standards of journalism.

TICKER NEWS features the latest Breaking News and in-depth live coverage of politics, business and tech.

Streaming 24/7 on major platforms worldwide.

Live to correspondents around the world



The world around us is changing fast. Only a truly global live news network can keep you informed.


We know our audience are urban professionals, looking for news and analysis that impacts their work, lives and investments.


With reporters around the world, Ticker NEWS is at the forefront of journalism.


Ticker broadcasts LIVE News from our studios at Ticker Park.

We’re breaking the mould of traditional TV news and taking a deeper dive into the stories that are changing the world. From politics to media and tech, entertainment and sport.

We believe journalism is vital and must be held to its original purpose – Ticker operates independently of government and corporate funding.

World-class news with a GLOBAL reach

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